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La Tranche sur Mer

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During your stay at camping La Grande Vallée, take a trip to La Tranche sur Mer. As your campsite is located there, it would be a shame to miss out on this great opportunity.

This beautiful seaside resort is famous for its 14 kilometers of beach and numerous surfing spots. Whether you’re a fan or a regular of this board sport, you’ll be able to enjoy it during your vacations! In particular, clubs offer supervised learning sessions.

And as well as surfing, you can try your hand at skateboarding thanks to the large skate school and huge skate park. Children will be delighted to be able to get there, even on scooters or rollerblades.

And to make the most of the sandy beaches, you can visit them at any time of day: the Grière and Sainte Anne beaches await you.

Take time to discover the Vendée coast

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There are also markets, on Tuesday and Saturday mornings throughout the year, on Wednesday mornings on the Grière side in summer, and on Sunday mornings in the town center throughout the summer. You’ll be able to find local fruit and vegetables, as well as products from the daily auction. Fish, shellfish, don’t hesitate to stop by, so you can enjoy your finds for lunch.

Situated in the south of the Vendée, this commune is ideal for cycling to the marshes. You can also enjoy a leisurely stroll.

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